Never miss the next trip to the moon

Developed in partnership with CoinStats

We've teamed up with the top portfolio management platform, CoinStats, to enhance CoinTickr's features and let you be on top of your holdings with realtime crypto price updates.

Catch the next big jump

You need to keep your eyes on the prize. The Cointickr, powered with Coinstats, has access to over 8000 cryptocurrencies and 300 FIAT currencies in real time.

You need a dedicated display so you are never caught off guard.

The market is as dynamic as ever and you need to be ready to make that big decision. Set up to 5 price alerts so you know when opportunity strikes. The screen will flash and the alarm will go off so you don’t miss your next come up.

Every second counts

Capture every change

CoinTickr uses an OLED screen that refreshes every second - so you are not even a second late to the party.

On top of following crypto you can choose your rolling window for exchange price change statistics - 1 Hour, 1 Day, or 1 Week.

Enjoy CoinStats with Lifetime Pro Membership

Manage your whole crypto portfolio. All in one place. CoinTickr comes with a CoinStats lifetime PRO membership. So you can trade on diverse exchange rates while tracking market fluctuations.

Each one of your investments needs its own dedicated CoinTickr so you can stay on top of your game at a glance. Keep your CoinTickr under your watch. With a magnetic strip on your fridge. Secure it on your bulletin board with velcro. Or pair them together on your desk.

On sight and secured

Stay powered

CoinTickr is powered by a USB-C wire that you can plug into your computer or wall outlet. It has rechargeable batteries that have up to 10 hours of backup power so you can stay in the loop no matter what.

OLED Screen - 1.3 Inches (33mm), 128x64 high resolution energy saving screen
Dimensions - 3x3x1.5in (74x71x38mm)
Weight - 2.1oz (60g)

• High quality all-glass front panel
• Replaceable Li-Po rechargeable battery
• USB-C charging
• Built-in magnet for attaching to the fridge or metal surface


ABS Polymer

IP67 Waterproof

Upgradable FirmWare

8 Digit Display

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